We just had our first of two post-op checkups. Pathology report came back this morning – BENIGN CYST!


This morning I happened to say the word “Walk” and Hank responded by popping up out of bed and heading for the door, tail wagging. Obvs we now HAD to take a walk. We bopped over to the little park nearby and had a delightful little outing. A couple rest breaks were necessary, but that’s to be expected. We’re getting back to normal. ❤️

My little love is home and now recovery begins. Everything looks good so far – he’s up on my bed, interested in certain foods, and able to go up & down the stairs. First checkup is Thursday. Hoping we have the pathology report by then too. ❤️

Hank is having surgery again. His cyst is growing back, mainly the bone mass. The doctor is going to remove the entire area including the orbital ridge to make sure no more cystic tissue remains, then do some reconstruction. She assures us that his eye won’t droop. Hank has to stay overnight; I brought his bankie with him.

I’m not much for the whole ‘prayers’ thing, but if you’re inclined, we could probably use a few. ❤️