Taking a snack break at work…

Moody Street Deli Donut

Donut: Crispy outer texture and good dough flavor; it’s a crispy buttermilk donut. Chocolate glaze is good but could be more chocolatey. Coffee: Good & drinkable. Very acceptable. Kudos: Donut is available with bacon or without; mine is sans bacon. Overall: Initially a good impression, but seemed greasy as I continued. Nonetheless, I did finish this donut. I might have one again, particularly to share, and to try other flavors.

Last time I popped over to Moody’s in Waltham, I was too late for a donut. This time I managed to snag a donut as appetizer before my AWESOME #loadedbagel, aka the best bagel & lox EVER. #moodyswaltham