Wandering the LBC.

Hank and I saw this picture outside a bar on our morning walk. We are not familiar with the current lineup of the Lakers, but we think this looks suspiciously like Larry Bird.

Luckily we found Donut Island to allay the discomfort of this disconcerting issue. I was bit hesitant to try it out since it was a donut shop, lotto seller, notary, etc. type of business; it may be a good deal, but how good could the donuts be? Excellent — that’s how good. Donut shop first, everything else is just an add-on. And all for $2 per the banner. My standard chocolate frosted was light, airy and tasty and even had chocolate flavor as compared to the maple frosted I got as contrast. The coffee is serve yourself from 4 different Gavina brews and half & half was readily available. The best part? When I asked for a cup of water for Hank, the man gave me a THIRD (plain) donut for the dog. I tried to switch out the maple for the plain, but he insisted so I took it. Hank enjoyed his morning treat. Donut Island @ Wardlow & Cherry in LBC: 2 paws up!


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