Doughnut Plant, Chelsea Hotel, NYC.

Yesterday I did a Donut Trek across the westside of Manhattan to find and taste non-Dunkin’ Donuts. To be clear, I do like Dunkin’ but I’m looking for truly local flavor, ie the neighborhood independents. I struck out twice — my first stop, Holey Cream, turned out to be more of an ice cream shop with a few donuts. Not acceptable. My second try, Westside Donut, turned out to be a Dunkin’. When I found my third attempt, I realized that one must face challenges and disappointments before finding the Mecca: Doughnut Plant, the Chelsea Hotel location.

Coffee: Basic drip Kobrick’s coffee is REALLY GOOD. Milk options for creamer!
Donut: Preferred chocolate glaze was not available – this is not your standard donut store (see link). Opted for two ‘doughseeds’ instead; they’re like mini glazed donuts, almost cream puff in concept. Both the hazelnut w/chocolate filling and orange essence cashew were quite good with nice flavor; no mistaking one for the other. Basic glaze is heavier than I like (too much sugar) but I was able to work with it. Krispy Kremers may like this more.
Overall: If I were staying at (or near) the hotel, this might be a daily stop. Certainly for the coffee, so I’d probably have to grab a doughnut (sic) too.

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  1. Cara Paul said:

    Nice post! I used to live in Chelsea. Couldn’t find good pizza slices either back then.

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