I parked at TEX Drive In.

The concierge at the hotel here in Hawaii recommended stopping at TEX Drive In on the way to the volcano. TEX is famous for, and heavily promotes, something called a malasada. I thought this would be something spicy, like a marsala sauce. Nope… I’d stumbled upon donuts on the island of Hawaii.

Malasadas are big fluffy pockets that can be eaten plain, or with a variety of filling options. I opted for chocolate filling in lieu of my usual chocolate frosted. Bavarian creme is the #1 flavor and there are a variety of fruit flavors too.


Donut: Flavorful sweet dough, chocolate filling was very Bavarian chocolate creme to me, which is not a bad thing. The sugar on the outside is pretty, but messy.
Coffee: Decent drinking.
Kudos: Donuts are made fresh on the spot and delivered hot. YUM!
Overall: On our way back from the volcano, we got more for tomorrow. ‘Nuf said.

  1. I can happily report that maladasas are still good when day old. 😉

  2. I just correct the spelling to malasada. DOH.
    The name also makes me think of Indian food, ie masala dosa, which might be the true spicy food brain connection. I guess I shouldn’t post when I’m exhausted. Ah well. 🙂

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