Mr Puppyface can be inconsiderate.

Regardless of the size of the bed, Mr Puppyface tends to take up the whole thing. He’s not that big a dog. When he sleeps on his own bed, he curls up up into a little ball that takes up minimal real estate. On a person bed he likes to spread out and stretch his long legs and take up the whole thing. Often he prefers to sleep perpendicular to a person. I was amazed last year on the road trip how he was able to engage the entire expanse of a king bed leaving me about a foot or two of space if I was lucky. I think he may be a secret physics genius. He’s really not that big a dog, yet you’d think he was a Great Dane the way he can utilize an entire bed.

Jonathan enjoys it when I go away because he gets to care for Hank and Hank sleeps with him. However Jonathan has a twin bed so he doesn’t have a chance of sleeping in a comfortable position. Not with Mr Puppyface around.


Photo by Jonathan
Mr Puppyface not only sleeps lengthwise on the bed, but at a slight angle so he can engage the entire width of the bed as well..



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