Harpoon Brewery: Pretzel as Donut.

Harpoon Brewery has been hosting One Fund benefit nights over the last few Tuesdays (May 7th is the last one for now) since the Boston Marathon bombings; I attended last night with a few friends. I opted for the sweet pretzel, rather than salted savory style, to accompany my Boston Irish Stout*. Upon arrival my friend Kristin declared that it looked like a donut and thus this post was born.

*As a separate note, Boston Irish Stout is fantastic. Guinness fans will love this beer too. It’s light on the tongue and lower in alcohol content like Guinness, but a bit more flavorful. B.I.S. is so new I can’t link to it because I can’t find it on the website. It may be taproom only… but it’s worth it!

**Boston Irish Stout is available around town and featured here on the Harpoon Brewery website and has been for a while. It’s been over a year and I’m still in love with this beer.


Donut: Pretzel arrives warm with 2 dipping sauces. It’s soft on the inside, nice and crusty on the outside. I opted for peanut butter (left) and maple (right) dipping sauces. Peanut butter was good, but maple was the winner. Pretzel was coated in cinnamon-sugar and really good plain too. Note size comparison between pint of beer and the pretzel. Yes, it’s big enough to be shareable.
Kudos: Just a touch of salt here & there under the cinnamon-sugar coating perked up the taste buds nicely and made it all more interesting.
Coffee: None to be had, not that I asked. Boston Irish Stout will have to do. YUM!!!
Overall. Ohhhhh yeeeeaaaaahhhhhh……

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