Congdon’s Doughnuts, Wells, ME.

While winding our way up to Maine on the 1 last Sunday, Hank and I pulled over for a local donut at Congdon’s Doughnuts (and Family Restaurant). I grabbed a couple and Hank even got a little donut cookie too.


Donut: I erred and got a chocolate plain instead of chocolate raised. On whim I also got a chocolate crunch. The chocolate crunch (cake donut) was oddly rubbery. The dough of the chocolate plain (cake donut) had a nutmeg-y flavor to it. Not a bad idea, but I think it fought the flavor of the chocolate frosting. I bet a simple plain donut would be great with coffee, like a coffee cake.
Coffee: N/A. I was drinking water.
Kudos: Definitely all handmade donuts. And doggie donuts too!
Overall: I’d like to try a chocolate raised for a fair comparison, but these selections didn’t sell me and I tossed them.


  1. I’m all about chocolate raised myself!! (altho I will admit I’ve enjoyed some really fine regular donuts with choc on top. Hard to beat!

    • Chocolate in general cannot be beat, but chocolate raised is my gold standard and the basis for all reviews whenever possible. To do Due Donut Diligence for Congdon’s I need to purchase the correct type of donut. There will probably be a ‘Congdon’s Redux’ post the next time I go up to Maine. 🙂

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