Gall Bladder (less) Pup.

It’s been a worrisome couple of days. Hank was up all night Tuesday, vomiting twice and constantly pacing. I took him to the vet first thing on Wednesday and blood tests revealed that certain liver function values were not looking good and white blood cell count was up too. An ultrasound showed that the actual problem was his gall bladder and removal would be necessary within the next couple of days. While consulting with the surgeon, Hank was definitely fading away and had stopped cuddling with me. He’d also scooted under the bench in the corner of the room trying to hide from everyone. It became obvious that the surgery could not wait until the next day as planned; it had to be done that night. Hank did fine and he came home Thursday afternoon. Today he’s beginning to be his normal self. I love my pup.

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