0 for 3 in P-town.

Hank and I decided it was time to stop dilly-dallying and head out to Cape Cod for a thorough lighthouse experience. We started in Provincetown and worked our way down the Cape. We skipped the Highland Light in Truro since we’d been to that one previously. I’ll be posting this excursion over the next few days.

Race Point Light was supposed to be the first stop, but that plan got shanghai’d by the unexpected $15 parking fee. No credit cards accepted, and only $4 in my wallet, so I’d have to go into town to get money. On our way into town I managed to get parking (free!) at the breakwater to cross over to the Wood End Light, and possibly see the Long Point Light too. Except that most literature describes crossing the breakwater as just a 1.5 mile walk. Hank was not perturbed by this excursion, but for me this was not a simple little jaunt; I lost my nerve about half-way there and made us turn back. Hank was pissed.

We drove into town and I thought it would be fun to check out the Pilgrim Monument. Unlike Bunker Hill or the Washington Monument, where the grounds are open and you pay to go inside and up, we had to pay to get near the thing and dogs weren’t allowed. Hank was pissed.

There was still time to give Race Point a try so I got my cash and drove back. On the map I’d gotten at the Visitor Center earlier, there was a notation for a different parking area from which the lighthouse was only a 1.5 mile hike, rather than the 2 mile hike from our original parking attempt. However this route, unlike the 2 miler most often recommended, is not along the beach. It goes through marshes that are very pretty but are also greatly affected by the tide. We did not know this before heading out, and soon discovered we could not get to the lighthouse. Hank was pissed.

  1. Hungry? said:

    Time for a Pirate dinner show.

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