Life of the Party.

My cousins took Hank to a doggy birthday party today.
There are two options as to how this played out:

  1. He was out of control excited during the car ride over to the party. When he got there he greeted everybody and played the entire time. He played so much and so hard that he was completely pooped out on the ride home.
  2. He had no idea what was going on or where he was going during the car ride, and this was of great concern to him. At the party he stayed out of the way to avoid interaction with anyone he didn’t know. He was relieved to leave the party, but was still unsure about what was happening so he curled up in the car and just hoped he was going home.


Being that Hank is now 7 I don’t think he is going to lose that reticence in strange places or amongst strangers. He’s come a long way from his shelter days; he was completely shut down when I got him and he does learn quickly (3x and you’re golden) to like new places and people. However I do think that there may be a limit to how much a pup can rehab from a bad situation in his formative months and early years.

I love my pup.


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