Union Square Donuts.

I’ve started a new Category called ‘Catching Up’ for situations where I’m, well… catching up. Sometimes I’m a day or two behind and that’s not a big deal, but when we’re talkin’ a month or more… it’s time to come clean.

My friend Leah recruited me to join her at Union Square Donuts in Somerville since I am a Donut Professional. Sadly I did not make notes — I usually don’t — since I had expected to post that day. Now that it’s over a month ago, I don’t remember enough to do the usual in-depth review: donuts were good, coffee was unimpressive. Obviously further research must be done. (Actual research would help.)


Why are there are two Sea-Salted Bourbon Caramels? Because Leah and I are good enough friends that we can be honest with each other about an unwillingness to share in certain situations.



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