Maine Open Lighthouse Day – Stop #2 – Kennebec River Range Lights

As many of you know, Hank usually just visits a lighthouse outside. Dogs are generally not allowed inside, and the stairwells can be a little precarious to a four-footed fella. Many of the lighthouses in Maine assist with the navigation of rivers and inlets, not functioning as beacons along the ocean coast. Since they don’t have to be seen from afar they are not very tall, many quite small and easy to climb. Additionally, many of the lighthouses are run by foundations of lighthouse-loving volunteers so good pups are welcome. For all these reasons I am proud to present… Hank INSIDE his first lighthouse!


One of the volunteers explained how the range lights work: if you’re coming up the channel and the lights are vertical of each other, then you’re in the right spot to travel safely up the river. If they are not perfectly vertical… better adjust that quick.

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