Doggy Chicken Soup.

When I first got Hank in 2008, he was 10 lbs underweight and scared to eat, scared to move, scared of everything really. I made doggy chicken soup – chicken, rice, sweet potato – to entice him to eat. While de-boning the chicken, I noticed that my scared pup let his nose lead him away from his bed, lured by the aroma of chicken that filled the kitchen. I turned around, chicken in my hand, offering “Here Hank.” He stopped still with fear, ran back to his bed, and curled into a tight protective ball. This was the beginning of a long road.

Tonight I made some doggy chicken soup. He sat behind me in the kitchen, waiting to ‘help’ me with the chicken, eagerly taking what I offered, licking my fingers.

I love you little boy so much.


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