Maine Open Lighthouse Day 2014

Being that Maine Open Lighthouse Day 2015 is coming up shortly, it seems appropriate to FINALLY finish the post from 2014.

I’ve opted to repost some of the prior pix so the collection will be complete, and links to the few posts that got done in timely fashion are included.

Stop #1 – Portland – Bug Light


Stop #2 – Arrowsic – Kennebec River Range Lights

Stop #3 – Arrowsic – Doubling Point Light

Stop #4 – St. George – Marshall Point Lighthouse

Stop #5 – Owls Head – Owl’s Head Lighthouse

There was a book signing that day for a children’s book about their famous lighthouse dog, Spot, who had the run of the place. Hank was not allowed to go up to the lighthouse.

Stop #6 – Stockton Springs – Fort Point Lighthouse

This lighthouse is located in Fort Point State Park. Normally there’s no access to the lighthouse & buildings since it’s used as housing for the park supervisor. We arrived after visiting hours but had a good time around the park before wrapping up for the night.

Stop #7 – Lubec – West Quoddy Head Lighthouse

West Quoddy Head is normally open to visitors and the furthest out, but it’s definitely worth the trip!

Stop #8 – Castine – Dyce Head Lighthouse

This was our final stop before heading home. The lighthouse is part of a private residence so we could not access it. However my friend Alice grew up in Castine and happened to be in town; she took us to the lighthouse and showed us the VERY steep stairs down the cliff to the water. Hank, my mountain goat pup, was not fazed at all.

PHEW! Now we’re ready for Maine Open Lighthouse Day 2015!


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