Since I’ve updated the About in blog format, it’s best to start at the bottom and work your way up if you want the whole story.

But this is your time — you can read it however you like best.  🙂


We moved into our own apartment in July 2015. YaY!


Hank and I moved into an apartment with a couple friends as of April 2014, thus ending my 1.5 year stay with my cousins. #1 Rule: don’t take family for granted.


As of December 1st I now have two part time jobs. One started mid-October, the other kicked in about a month later. After nearly 20 years of corporate ‘security’, this is definitely a new experience and it unsettles me, but I think I’m on a road to a better quality of life. I am also now truly a part of the 21st century; the notion of a full-time job with full benefits, vacation and sick days, and a retirement plan (among other perks) is now less-and-less the reality for more-and-more people.

Hank has been sulking a lot; he misses having me around all the time.


It’s February 2013. I am still unemployed. I think it will be very hard on Hank when I get a job. We’ll both miss our afternoon siestas.


The new job went bust on September 7th. We came in to work and could not log in. Then we were informed by our respective managers to go into the lobby for an all-hands meeting. Some random guy who had some sort of CFO title told us the CEO had resigned the night before and the office in Florida was closing, effective immediately. We had until noon to retrieve our belongings.

The previous week the CEO had addressed everyone in another all-hands meeting to let us know that everything was okay.

We were promised that we would be paid up to that day. The company filed Chapter 11 the following week and there are now two class-action type lawsuits in progress.

Hank and I are heading up to the Boston area to spend time with family. I also plan to spend time in NYC with my brother.

The adventure continues……


On August 13th I started a new job in South Florida so our adventure now has a new coast and a new environment. It’s a whole new world!


We are a girl and her dog in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

I was laid off from my job on April 13, 2012. I had started at the job as an intern in April of 1993. I’m trying to figure out what the next step will be, but in the meantime I spend quite a bit of time lolling on the couch with my dog Hank. Randomly I take a photo of him as we loll to post to Facebook.

Now I’ve decided it would be more interesting to make this process a blog. The possible side effect is that it will get us off the couch to do something for a better photo.

Last summer Hank and I took a big looping 7 week road trip together to the East Coast and back. During this trip, a friend of mine organized a Donut Summit in Los Angeles. I’d promised her that wherever I was in the country on the day of the Summit, I would take part. This happened to be Detroit, but my Donut Summit continued for the next 4 weeks.

So now we are Of Dogs & Donuts. But you can just call us ODD.

Hank in the Yard. April 2012.


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