Today I noticed
he’s more white on his muzzle;
still ‘my pup’ to me.



One year ago today, on a nice Sunday, I took Hank to the Arnold Arboretum. The view of Boston from Peters Hill was so beautiful, I texted my brother to get out Daddy’s iPad so I could FaceTime with him and our father. However Steven had left early in the morning to return to NYC, so he was already in Phoenix for a short layover. He texted me a couple pix of him with our father before they’d left for the airport that morning.

Whenever one of us would visit our father, we’d call the other upon return to report upon Dad’s general welfare and state of being. That Sunday night Steven got a call from Dad’s friend that he’d just died suddenly of a heart attack. Our call that night was with a police sergeant to provide details and arrange for the Chevra Kadisha (Jewish burial society) to pick up the body.

I’d bought a postcard at the Arboretum to send Daddy. It’s still in my car.